Freundschaft Jenseits des Ozeans


You might have seen some new faces shadowing Riverbend students beginning on March 19. There were 9 exchange students from Germany at Riverbend and 10 at Courtland. These students are from Straubing Bavaria, Germany and all attend the Anton Bruckner Gymnasium together. German teacher Frau Mades said, “The families of each of these Riverbend students are fully as important as the students themselves, because through the whole family, the German exchange students get a taste of authentic American family life.”

Exchange student Michelle Domokosch said, “America is much bigger than Germany: the schools, the houses, the shops, everything. It’s been different, but easier than I expected.”

During this 3 week period, the German students lived with a host family and truly experienced the American culture. Austin Pfaff, host to Michael Trauner, said, “It was strange at first, I had to make sure that he was with me, but now we are more like friends.” They also took trips outside of Fredericksburg to see Williamsburg, Jamestown, Washington D.C., and New York City.

This Foreign Exchange program works both ways. Some of Riverbend’s German students will be travelling to Straubing over the summer to learn more about German culture.