Popular TV and Movies at the Bend

Riverbend High School has a wide variety of students that are enrolled. This was shown by the many different responses to a poll taken on television shows and movies. There weren’t any shows that were significantly favored over others that air on TV now; the most watched TV show was The Walking Dead. About 10% of Riverbend’s students chose The Walking Dead as their favorite running TV show. It may not seem like a lot, but it was the highest percentage seen.

Friends was the favorite of 20% of people who choose their favorite TV show that is over. The Office came in second place with 12% voting for it as their favorite. In third place was Gossip Girl with 10% of the votes. Riverbend students seem to like sitcoms considering Friends, The Office, and Gossip Girl are sitcoms.

Everyone had very different favorite movies. The most liked movie though was Harry Potter. Out of the eight movies, students liked Deathly Hallows Part One and Two, Half-Blood Prince, and The Sorcerer’s Stone. Most of the favorites of people were only chosen by a couple others. This data proves that Riverbend is a very diverse and accepting school.