Leap Year

2016 will bring us the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a new president will be elected in November, and NASA’s spaceship Juno, will arrive at Jupiter. These amazing events will be part of what people know as a leap year. A leap year is when there is an additional day, February 29th, which is added to the calendar, making this year have 366 days. This interesting occurrence happens every four years. The origin of a leap year is dated back to Julius Caesar, but the modern leap year is attributed to Pope Gregory the 13th, from the sixteenth century. A funny thing about leap years is that people born on February 29th, get the comical claim that they are only able to celebrate a birthday every 4 years. However, they tend to celebrate their birthday on March 1st. Though this being a leap year will not be the highlight of the year (hopefully), it is kind of cool to enjoy an extra day to achieve your yearly goals.