Mardi Gras In NOLA


The most exciting time of the year for New Orleans or Louisiana natives is Mardi Gras filled with eating, drinking, having parades, and partying, the people of the city of New Orleans wait year round to celebrate Mardi Gras and all its amenity and attractions that bring in a lot of tourist from all across the country.

Mardi Gras Day falling on February 9 as Mardi Gras is French for “Fat Tuesday.” “Ash Wednesday,” February 10 the next day and is the beginning Lent and Fasting leading up to Easter which is March 27. So the people of New Orlean and tourists come together for a celebration before giving things up for the lent.

Celebrations can start as early as February 1 but Mardi Gras starts February 9. All day, everyday there are parades in different parts of the city with various types of floats as people wait to catch beads, candy, and anything else people off their floats. Spectators will go out hours before the parade starts to get a good viewing spot to watch up to 60 floats roll by. People gather by the thousand to view different parades as for some people they will travel from one parade to another.

As for the kids or students of Louisiana, they get at least the whole Mardi Gras week off to enjoy the festivities around the state of Louisiana.

Mardi Gras has been celebrated since the early 1730s and will be celebrated in the city of New Orleans for many more years to come and people will continue to flock from all parts of the united states to participate in the great New Orleans festivities.