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Every school year there is an exchange between the Anton-Bruckner-Gymnasium in Straubing, Germany and Riverbend High School in Spotsylvania. It is organized by the German American Partnership Program (GAPP). This year it takes place from the 9th until March 29, 2016. Twenty German students are living at the houses of their American exchange partners, taking part of the daily life and joining the different classes their partners have chosen. All German pupils agree that it is a very great experience. They can feel and experience the American way of life from many perspectives. The lessons here are much more relaxed and freer than the German. Here the pupils often are eating or turning on their mobile phones during the teacher is speaking in front of the class. In Germany these things would be a no go. There are different rules which forbid this. Also here at school the pupils move to the teachers in their rooms and in Germany always the teachers are coming to their students who rarely are changing the class rooms. Between the lessons, RHS is really crowded with pupils. These are just two examples how different the daily school life between America and Germany is. The differences are the point why an exchange between two countries is very exciting. You can learn other cultures and their rules and expand your perspective of (daily) life. You are presented with other conditions which you have to deal with. That improves your self-confidence and independence.

Alongside these advantages on your personal life, you can enjoy a really fun time while doing an exchange. The pupils are doing many things together like shopping, doing sports or meeting at cafes and restaurants. You experience the feeling of belonging together. On the weekends, the host families are usually taking their guests on trips; for example, they are going hiking or to Colonial Williamsburg. And not to forget, every year there is the excursion to Washington D.C. There you visit the Pentagon which is a very great experience because normally you cannot get into there.

As you can see, the exchange is a terrific program which is really enrichment for you! All members of GAPP 2016 recommend it: Join GAPP the next year and explore other countries!



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