Finding Dory

Almost 13 years ago Pixar fans went on an adventure to Sydney, Australia with a clown fish to find his missing son, named Nemo. This summer, on June 17, Finding Dory comes to theaters. On the last day of school, students can celebrate by heading to the theater and watching the movie.

The trailer for Finding Dory was released online in March, and Ellen DeGeneres showed the trailer on her show. DeGeneres returns for her role as Dory. Other returning voice actors include Albert Brooks (Marlin) and Willem Defoe (Gill). Nemo will no longer be voiced by Alexander Gould; Nemo will be voiced by Hayden Rolence. The actor may have changed because Nemo needs a younger voice and Gould is no longer a young child.

In one of the trailers, Nemo awakens to the sound of Dory talking in her sleep. She mumbles about her mother and begins to sleepswim. Marlin and Nemo guide her back to bed, but she starts sleepswimming again. The scene changes and Dory is shocked that she can remember something. Then she decides to set off and find her family.

The second trailer featured new characters. Dory meets up with an old friend, whom she doesn’t remember, a whale shark named Destiny. Also in the trailer she is with an octopus that is inside of a building, which hints that she may have been captured like Nemo was in the previous film.

John Lasseter, chief creative officer at Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Animation Studios, said that they developed the plot of the movie from when Dory briefly remembers that she has a family in Finding Nemo.  Many Pixar fans are excited for the long awaited sequel of Finding Nemo. It will be the 17th Disney Pixar movie.