Every graduating student knows the feeling. Most underclassmen think they know it like seniors do; that’s simply not the case. For underclassmen, wanting to get out of school is not the same as getting out of school after actually receiving a diploma. The fact is, students don’t have to come back. They’ve survived, won, triumphed into the great abyss of their ever impatient tomorrows.  And according to Google, senioritis is real.  It actually means that a student — usually in their final year of school, begins experiencing a decline in their normal level of motivation. This is usually caused by them getting exhausted or overstrung by life’s daily progression, and graduation only coming closer makes that worse.  This seems to affect seniors in many different ways.

Now, it’s no surprise that seniors go through a lot of serious decision making; most upperclassmen have to anyways.  Starting at the end of junior year, there’s a heightened sense of reality in the air. If students don’t already have jobs, many of them end up with one. Jobs on top of school can be a lot to handle, but that’s only adulthood kicking in. It’s a lighthearted version of being a grown-up for many students. After all, these are supposed to be the easiest years for us youngins. Whether or not this remains to be true for some students, the class of 2016 has been an intense collection of students, just like any other. In time, they will no longer be infected by the contagion virus: senioritis.  As it bites most soon-to-be-high-school-graduates in the butt right before they’re sent off into the world with nothing besides a diploma, let it be known that many handled it as well as they could.

Congratulations 2016, this will be immensely grand.