Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Bomb


Samsung’s Note 7 has had explosive sales. This phone has been a blast to talk about. In all seriousness this phone has been shrouded in controversy, for its topic has blown up the internet. This phone is very dangerous and can seriously harm their users. Maybe you decide to put your note 7 on your dresser to charge, maybe you put it in your car to set down. Then in an instant your car or dresser catches fire. You may think to yourself how did this happen? The answer is simple you own a Samsung Note 7. These phones as of lately have been recalled, since this recall the amounts of reported “bombs” have tripled. Samsung has even issued some “safe” note 7’s, but as of October 10th as many as 5 reported “safe” phones have caught flame. As of October 13th they have recalled every single Note 7. It has even gotten so outta hand the phones have been banned on flights. Certain airlines will offer bags to safe carry the note 7’s. The science behind the explosion is pretty simple, as like the exploding hoverboards. Phones run on a lithium ion battery packs, and the liquid sliding around the inside of the battery is very flammable. If you still have a note 7, I highly advise you to stay safe and return the phone, before it blows.