The Superbowl: Everything Except the Football

Football fans from all over America gathered on February 5th to watch the Patriots and Falcons go head to head in the biggest game of the season. The next day, no one could stop talking about the Patriot’s comeback or Tom Brady’s record breaking win. However, football wasn’t the only thing on the minds of millions of Americans. Both the commercials and the half time show created a lot of buzz.
From humor-filled celebrity endorsements to important, yet controversial, topics, this year’s Super Bowl commercials left nothing out. According to Ad Meter, a national survey of the Super Bowl commercials done by USA Today, the top rated commercial was Kia’s humorous, “Hero’s Journey” with Melissa McCarthy. In the commercial, McCarthy is seen helping the environment through many dangerous activities, but ultimately ends up being injured after every attempt. In the end, the message was that even if you can’t save the world as an “eco warrior” you can still drive like one with the new fuel efficient Kia Niro. Following Kia’s commercial, the number two and three rated commercials were Honda’s “Yearbooks,” which told people to keep reaching for their dreams, and Audi’s “Daughter”, which touched on the disputed subject of equal rights to women and men. Finally, in fourth and fifth place, were Budweiser’s “Born the Hard Way” and Tide’s “#BradshawStain.” “Born the Hard Way” another controversial commercial. Sophomore Tyler Collins said, “My favorite commercial was Buick’s commercial with Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr.”
The Super Bowl Halftime show was performed by Lady Gaga this year. It was the second most viewed halftime show in the history of the Super Bowl, and the reviews were almost all positive. According to Twitter, there were 2.2 million tweets about Gaga during her 20 minute performance. In this span of time, the most popular words to describe the show were “love” followed by “crazy” and “enjoy.” About 6% went to negative words. Sophomore Kelsi Binkley said, “I thought when Lady Gaga jumped from the building it was really funny and cool.”