Prom is the biggest event of the year! It brings perhaps the most memorable of experiences for those who attend. Typically, people choose to go with a group of friends or they ask that special someone for the big night. For RHS, Prom is on Saturday, May 6, and many are scrambling to find a way to ask someone.
The term ‘Promposal’ is essentially the word used to describe someone who is asking another person to prom in an elaborate way. Promposals can be both nerve-wracking and exciting for those asking the question, but it can also be a bit embarrassing for the person being asked.
People come up with many unique and creative ideas to woo their soon to be date. A common way is to purchase a box of doughnuts or pizza and write “Prom?” on the inside of the box, which is a good way to ask while avoiding the public promposal. Some people go all the way and make a public display of the question, which is a huge hit on social media. Social media sites like Twitter and Snapchat always blow up with promposals this time of year, and while the majority of them are successful, some people are unlucky enough to have their rejection on social media.
While some people like promposals, others think that they aren’t important or necessary. Michael Hels, senior, said that they are “stupid” and that it’s better to just “keep it simple.” Mauri Deihr, senior, went further to label promposals as “bribery,” and while that may be extreme, it shows that many are tired of the promposal.
Prom season is just getting started, and with over a month left until prom night, there is still time to sort out plans for it. Riverbend has already seen some promposals: some successful and some not so successful. Prom season is always a fun time for everyone, regardless of how people plan on spending it. Aside from graduation, prom is the last big event before the end of the year, so it’s important that everyone tries their best to enjoy it, because for many attendees, it will be their last high school social event.