Back to School Tips

Lorelei Cruz, Junior
“Don’t procrastinate your work; you’ll regret it. Start on your assignments early.”

Shannon Marrs, Junior
“Please join a club. You will get free food and can participate in fun activities.”

Brody Receveur, Senior
“Focus on expanding your volunteer opportunities into the programs that help others. Also challenge yourself with Dual-Enrollment (DE) and Advanced Placement (AP) classes.”

Mr. DeMarco, Math Teacher
“Get involved on a team. Also, don’t miss school!”

Taylor Pokerwinski, Senior
“‘Excuse me’ always works in the hallways.”

Shelby Rott, Junior
“Never be afraid to take a risk.”

Jillian Tolson, Sophomore
“Don’t get discouraged if you don’t make friends right away starting high school. True friendships take time.”

Hailey Fitzgerald, Junior
“Walk on the right side of the hallway and pop out in the student section at games!”

Kyra Dolieslager, Junior
“Get involved, find a study group, communicate with teachers, and show lots of school spirit!”

Manny Washington, Junior
“Do your homework on time.”

Isabelle Rhinehart, Junior
“Try not to procrastinate and read the textbook when it’s assigned.”

Dylon Redden, Senior
“Don’t worry about trying to impress others. Worry about impressing yourself with your grades.”