Mexican Earthquake

On September 19th, 2017, an earthquake struck Mexico, toppling buildings and schools killing hundreds. Rescuers frantically dug out people who were trapped under rubble and debris. The earthquake struck around 1 pm, about 100 miles north of Mexico city. A shocking quake of 7.1 caused a prolonged shaking throughout Mexico, and over 40 buildings to collapse. As volunteers dug out children who were buried underneath all of the broken building pieces, many kept lists of all of those who were presumed dead by the rescuers.
“I can’t believe I’m alive,” says Talia Hernandez, 22, who was on the second floor of the building and escaped down a flight of stairs as they were falling.
At least 149 people were confirmed dead following this powerful earthquake. Four days later, volunteers were still digging people out from underneath all of the fallen buildings. Thousands of people were running through the cities avoiding falling pieces of buildings. Mexico City Mayor, Miguel Angel Mancera, confirmed that 44 buildings had been severely damaged, causing several major gas leaks and fires throughout the city.
“We got out really fast, leaving everything as it was and just left,” said Rosaura Suarez. This recent earthquake has been one of the deadliest earthquakes since 1985. Earlier in September, Mexico also registered another earthquake at a magnitude of 8.1 that also devastated millions and was also put on the list of most deadliest earthquakes since 1985. This earthquake left 61 people dead. This earthquake occurred in the Pacific Ocean, 600 miles southeast of the capital and 74 miles off the coast. It was also felt by 50 million people across the country.