Ping-Pong Anyone?

This year, the library has acquired a ping pong table! Librarian Mrs. Keith brought the table in from a friend who posted an ad on facebook. “I saw the ad and immediately thought of bringing it in for Riverbend,” said Mrs. Keith. It’s been in the library since the beginning of the school year with the intention of being used by the multiple ping pong clubs that have attempted to have been started at Riverbend in the past few years, and then cancelled due to a lack of equipment. “I just thought of the many clubs that have been started but haven’t been able to work out.”
Junior Katelyn Clements said, “I love to ping and I like to pong!” She also says the ping pong table is a new way for a variety of students to join in a fun activity and to get to know each other. Junior, Erika Waszak said, “I think it’s a really cool way to have fun with different people.” Some might argue that the ping pong table is a distraction, but Mrs. Keith says she hasn’t noticed the noise because it’s tucked away in its own corner and that there’s never silence in the library. The table will also be used for the Robotics Team this winter for various reasons. Most people play before school, during BearBlock, during lunch, and after school. If you’re interested in ping pong, want to watch a match, or want to play, sign yourself up for ping pong in the library for BearBlock!