FALLing Into The Season

As the fall season approached, there were plenty of changes and a variety of things to do. The weather gets cooler and people dress according to the temperature. There are a variety of activities to do in the fall, as well as places to go. These popular places are football games, pumpkin patches, haunted trails, and fairs. With all of these activities, a number of RHS students shared their plans.

Josh Mattice, Senior
“Although winter is my favorite season, my favorite place to go in the fall is the bowling alley.”

Shelby Clegg, Senior
“My favorite thing to do during the fall is carve pumpkins.”

Sarah Roach, Sophomore
“A fall tradition I do is go to haunted houses.”

Jacob Hix, Sophomore
“My favorite thing about fall is the weather.”

Max McGill, Freshman
“Picking pumpkins is a tradition I do every year.”