Perhaps one of the best things about where and when we live today includes our freedom of speech, and the courage many people have to speak about issues of our world in order to help make them better. One of Riverbend’s clubs not only promotes this on a positive level, but also brings people together as friends. This club being Spectrum, the LGBT club of Riverbend High School.
As a member myself, I can safely say whether you are gay, bisexual, transexual, or even straight who may be looking to learn more about LGBT, this is a great club to join! Not only can you make great friends, but it is a great place to safely express yourself personally, even if you’re a shy person. Not only is it fun, it’s a great place for both personal growth and making memories.
Andrew Willging, one of the officers of Spectrum had this to say about the club, “Me and Marissa, another officer, wanted to make a good image for the club and set a great standard for future generations for the club. Our main goal of Spectrum is to change the climate of Riverbend, because some don’t feel as safe as they’d want to be and that’s a problem.”
Mrs. Haley and Mr. Sylvester are the sponsors of Spectrum. Ms. Haley stated, “This is something that both me and Mr. Sylvester both feel very passionate about; we’re working to make a larger LGBT community here at Riverbend to give students a safe space. We’re very proud of all our members in our club and what they’ve accomplished.”
As you can see, Spectrum is a club worth checking out. It’s a great place to make friends, express yourself safely, and take pride in who you are!