Bears and Books

Riverbend hosted their annual book fair for the English Department. The fair was on October 14th that went from 10am to 4pm at Barnes and Noble in Central Park. They had a number of popular books to purchase. Once the book was purchased, students mentioned “RHS” at checkout and a portion of the proceeds went to the Riverbend English Department in order to pay for the books that are read in our English classes.
Junior, Aspasia Sheppard attended the book fair and stated, “I think the book fair was a good idea. It gives anyone a chance to help raise money for the school. Book readers not only benefited themselves but their school too. Even if they do not have family attending Riverbend, they can pick up the coupon and use it before checkout. It wasn’t limited to only buying books- you could buy books, toys, food, notebooks, accessories, etc. Kids were given an opportunity to decorate cupcakes, sit for a read aloud, and have their faces painted. I enjoyed it because I love books.”
Books can benefit in a number of ways. They can help you escape from the outside world and improve both your reading skills and vocabulary. Benefiting the school during a book fair helps to pay for things that are not included in the budget. Earning money can help for pay for the textbooks students need for English classes. The Starbucks Cafe inside of Barnes and Noble also offered a Riverbend Spirit drink which was their Vanilla Bean Creme with green food coloring added, and decorated with green sprinkles. Thanks to everyone that helped contribute to Riverbend!