Too Much Money Just Too Study

Early action and decision acceptance letters are on their way. Once you get those letters, you have to decide if you’re ready to invest in your college career, paying between 20,000 to 70,000 dollars a year. Is paying that much money worth the college experience? In some cases it is, depending on what you are majoring in and the location. College is an excellent place to develop who you are and networking ability, so  don’t give up on college because of the cost, just apply for tons of scholarships and try to get loans or grants. Senior Hailey Dodson said, “Going to college is good because I would be able to experience living on my own.”  There are other options like going to a junior college for two years and transferring to a university.

The majority of the Riverbend students said that college is too expensive, although a lot of those students are still going to attend. Senior Ashley Vines said, “I willddd still go to college because I can get a good paying job afterwards.”  College is worth a fortune but if you do well and network your abilities the cost won’t matter as much because you can pay it off easily in your future career. College is a good investment if you don’t waste it away.