Bears in Business

Despite heavy course loads, sports, jobs, college applications, and their ages, several Riverbend students have begun making names for themselves through their businesses. Although not licensed or literal businesses, one student has made almost 900$ in profit. Morgan Dally, a senior, began selling her “morgdallsfrockets” in October 2013. So far, she has sold over 100 “frockets”, which are basically shirts with small pockets above the heart, many of which have been bought by students at Riverbend. “I didn’t originally plan to start my own business or anything; it started off as a hobby that quickly became very popular. I made a few frockets for some friends as Christmas gifts and I’ve made several for myself that I wore to school.” After that, Dally received several questions about them, and once she made the first shirt, the orders just started flying in. She relies on word of mouth and social media to promote her business and products. Her Instagram page “@morgdallsfrockets” has several hundred followers and “likes” per picture posted.  She hopes to continue her business with a Facebook page, business cards, etc.

Another prominent trending business that has started popping up in several schools is photography businesses. Dianne Funes and Courtney Brubaker, both seniors, have been taking pictures to earn money and save for college next year. Both their businesses are their names followed by photography if you want to find them on social media. “I just always loved taking pictures, and when I realized how expensive it is to get senior photos done, I wanted to provide a cheaper alternative for seniors and whoever else wants to get photos done. I’m putting all the money I make towards college anyways so it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved,” says Funes. Both girls are extremely flexible with setting up photoshoots despite school, jobs, and sports, if this sounds like something that you want to do. They are both really open to anyone who wants to do it, so please let them know!