Varsity Softball

So far, the Varsity Softball team has a record of eight wins and two losses. The only teams they have lost to this year are Stafford, with a score of 0-1, and Mountain View, with a score of 1-8. The season had a slow start, but the team agrees that they are now on the right track. Senior Mallory Ratcliff said, “I think this season is going really well. We were tested early on, but we are definitely coming back.” Senior Emerald Cheesbrew said, “It definitely took a wake up call, but we’re picking our game up now.” Senior Kelly Doyle is also very hopeful for the rest of their season. Doyle said, “Our drive definitely needs to improve, and it is. We just need to keep that up and step up our game.”

When asked what players stand out to her, Cheesbrew said sophomore Baylor Dunlap is a team player. “She’s always positive and talking, which definitely helped us get back on track with our season,” said Cheesbrew.

Ratcliff said, “Emerald definitely stands out because of her want to win, of course talent, and the fact that she shows a lot of heart every time she plays.” Their senior night will be on Friday, May 19 against Hylton.