World Cup Devestation

This year, the United States Men’s National Soccer Team failed to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup that will be held in Russia. They lost the qualifying game to Trinidad and Tobago on Tuesday, October 10th. This loss came as a shock, considering Trinidad and Tobago has only qualified once for the World Cup in 2006. The game ended with an embarrassing 2-1 loss. This will be the first year since 1986 that the U.S. Men’s team will not be competing in the World Cup.
Sports Illustrated released a statement saying, “Let’s be perfectly clear: The most embarrassing failure in U.S. Soccer history was consummated on Tuesday night in a near-empty stadium in the Caribbean tropics, culminating in a soul-crushing 2-1 defeat to a last-place opponent in which the U.S. Men’s National Team had only needed a win or a tie to qualify for World Cup 2018.” Bruce Arena, the head coach for the U.S. Men’s National Team (USMNT) said, “We failed on the day. We have no excuses.” Arena has since resigned and his replacement is being sought out. Arena was the longest-serving head coach for the USMNT. “It is the greatest privilege for any coach to manage their country’s National Team, and as I leave that role today, I am honored and grateful to have had that opportunity.”
Although the United States will not be competing in Russia next summer, there are some other surprises regarding the qualifying teams. Egypt, who has not competed in the World Cup since 1990 has qualified this year and will be competing in 2018. They beat Congo 2-1 in an intense game on October 9th, qualifying for the World Cup. Lastly, Iceland has qualified for the first time with a 2-0 win over Kosovo, making them the smallest nation to ever reach the biggest international tournament for soccer. Although the US men’s team has caused some disappointment, many fans are still excited to watch other exciting teams next summer.