Touchdown For Advertisers

Many Americans tuned in to watch one of the biggest televised events of the year.  In fact, at 111.5 million viewers it set a new record.  There was a huge upset for Broncos fans and a joyous triumph for Seattle Seahawks!  While some of us are there to watch the actual game, others watch the vast array of commercials.  In short, the Superbowl can be described as the funniest commercials of the year with 30 second clips of men with vibrant helmets running in between.  Also, there was the Pepsi Halftime show with Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers; which both were crowd pleasers.

Over the course of four hours laughs were heard and tears were shed throughout the entire country.  There was a variety of commercials shown including movie trailers like Noah (#thefloodiscoming) and Captain America: Winter Solider.  There were also food commercials like the Dorito Time Machine.  In addition, there was moving ones like America by Coca Cola (#americaisbeautiful) and the Solider Homecoming by Budweiser (#saluteahero).  Like always there was a slew of car commercials including the KIA Matrix, Ford’s Nearly Double (#nearlydouble), and the Amazing Volkswagen “Every time a Volkswagen hits 100,000 miles a German engineer gets his wings”.   Some of the most memorable were the three throwbacks: Radio Shack “The 80’s called, they want their store back, “Seinfeld, and Full House.  Most of the ones shown in this year’s Superbowl were not as indecent as previous ones in the past.  Same with the halftime show, nothing was outrageous, just good entertainment.

The reason for the more modest commercials this year was because of you, the general public spoke out.  The majority of the Country is not happy with the downward spiral that the modern age had produced.  But this year the advertisers listened and they delivered.  When asked about the halftime show Emma Swanson, a freshman, said,”… the halftime shows are always really good. I love Bruno Mars so it made it even better. I loved it.”  Overall, this change of modesty brought hope to those in America who want to escape out of the pit of perverseness.