Fox Catching Season

The wrestling community is seldom greeted with a real wrestling movie. While popular wrestling movies do exist, such as Vision Quest (1985) and Win Win (2011), the wrestling genre is mostly overshadowed by other sports genres, such as football, baseball, and basketball. The new Wrestling movie Foxcatcher, which premiered at select theaters November 14, before premiering nationally in January, 2015, is based on the true story of Mark and Dave Schultz, two great wrestlers of their time.

Foxcatcher tells the story from the shoulder of Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) as he is invited by a mysterious man, John E. du Pont (Steve Carell) to live on his property, Foxcatcher Farms, to train, and wrestle for his new team, Foxcatcher. Du Pont is very insistent, offering Mark a hefty salary should he accept, and also asks him to pass the invite along to his brother, Dave Schultz (Mark Ruffalo). The entire story starts out as something incredible, leading to the epic tragedy that shocked the entire world of wrestling. To those looking for a good movie, this movie should definitely be one to see, but don’t expect it to be heartwarming.

The work put into the movie itself was almost unbelievable. Each actor choice was thought-out and played with to accurately depict Mark and Dave Schultz, as well as John E. du Pont. Mark Ruffalo wrestled in his youth, while Channing Tatum had to learn how to wrestle. Mark Ruffalo, who idolized Dave Schultz in his youth, practiced to such an extent that he wrestled in the movie almost exactly like Dave Schultz. Makeup artists made Steve Carell look so much like Du Pont that Mark Schultz himself commented after seeing the movie, “I had to double take for a second, because I actually thought that was him.”

Throughout the movie, many well-known wrestlers were casted as wrestlers, coaches, and even referees. Well-known wrestlers such as Ken Chertow played a Bulgarian coach, while Keith Gavin, who provided a wrestling clinic to the Riverbend bear wrestlers last year, played a Bulgarian wrestler. Even Mark Schultz, who played the referee who weighed in Channing Tatum (playing Mark Schultz) at the 1988 Olympic trials.

Overall many elements in the movie made Foxcatcher a great movie to see, even if you aren’t a wrestling fan. The movie gave wrestling a comeback amidst the thousands of other sports movies that exist today.