Prepared for Midterms?

We are quickly approaching the midway point of the school year, which means it’s the time of year that sends shivers down the spines of students- midterm week. While we can hope to have a repeat of midterm week 2014 when the exams were cancelled because of snow days, the chances are unlikely. Here’s some advice from a senior on how to tackle midterm week:


  1. Take advantage of study guides provided by teachers, they’ll more than likely tell you exactly what will be on the exam.
  2. We have half days Tuesday, January 19th-Friday, January 22nd, use the extra time after school to your advantage and get in some study time.
  3. Get yourself organized! Organizing notes and supplies can help you easily find study materials.
  4. There’s nothing wrong with old-fashion flashcards to study vocabulary. Try an updated twist on an old favorite by using online flashcards like Quizlet to help you study.
  5. I know this can be tough sometimes, but plenty of rest. Studies show students retain more information and are more likely to score better on tests after getting a good night’s sleep.
  6. Have a group study session with friends over lunch or coffee. Make sure you actually get some studying done and not just chatting with friends.
  7. Do not stress too much over midterms. They’re only 7% of your grade. Unless you’re on the edge of a letter grade, they really will not make too much of a difference.