Love Grams at Bend

Waverly Nohr, Staff Writer

February 6, 2017

Every year, Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14.  Valentine's Day is often thought of as a day to be with those you love.  Many people think of this holiday as a way to show your love with small gifts, chocolate, and...

Going to Glow?

Going to Glow?

February 6, 2017

Stress-Relieving Dogs

Mary Rueger, Staff Photographer

January 30, 2017

Midterms took place during the week of January 23. Many students stress about these tests because they are a large part of students’ semester grades. On January 12, the counseling department sent out a text via Remind, telling...

Packers Vs. Cowboys

Grace McKane, News Editor

January 20, 2017

On Sunday, January 15, 2017, the Dallas Cowboys hosted the Green Bay Packers for the NFC Divisional playoff game.  The Cowboys, who were 13-3 in the regular season, were favored to win the game with two Pro Bowl rookies, quarterback...

Powder Puff is Back

Makayla Little, Entertainment Editor

January 11, 2017

The annual Powder Puff game took place December 1, 2016, as the senior girls, including Offensive Coordinator Coach Thomas and Defensive Coordinator Coach Morello, took on the junior girls, coached by with head coach Dr. Wright...

Riverbend Hall of Fame

Cade Fletcher, Op-Ed Editor

November 15, 2016

To celebrate former athletic excellence at RHS, the RHS Athletic Hall of Fame needs nominations for their first elected class of Riverbend athletes. They are taking nominations from the 2005, 2006, and 2007 classes until December...

The New Cellphone Rule

The New Cellphone Rule

October 27, 2016

Hispanic Heritage Month

Isaiah Byrd, Sports Editor

October 27, 2016

From September 15 to October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month. Hispanics all around the United States celebrate this month as they are recognized for all their hard work, dedication and their contributions to help the United States...

Crime Solvers

Mary Reugar, Staff Photographer

October 19, 2016

During the first week of school, Riverbend High School had an assembly for each grade level. This year during these assemblies, they promoted the Crime Solvers program. The  program allows students to anonymously text a tip to...



May 25, 2016


Bethany Sanders, Staff Writer

May 24, 2016

Every graduating student knows the feeling. Most underclassmen think they know it like seniors do; that’s simply not the case. For underclassmen, wanting to get out of school is not the same as getting out of school after actually...

Junior, Emerald Cheesebrew, readies herself for a pitch

Dubs for Don

May 23, 2016