DIY Christmas

The first day of December began the Christmas Season.  Some may be thinking of giving gifts, and other may think of receiving gifts.  Sometimes people don’t have enough money to buy presents;  one solution is to make your own Christmas decorations to give to family or friends.  Here are a few ideas:


Snow Globe

Materials: Mason Jar, Figurine, Gitter, Glycerine (Optional), Spray Paint, and Wood Block (Optional)


  1. Decide what figurine to put inside the jar, you may need a wood block to boost your figurine higher into better view.
  2. Glue the figurine on the jar lid.
  3. Fill jar with water and add glitter 1-2 teaspoons as desired.  If using Glycerine add 1 Tablespoon per cup of water.
  4. Close lid, glue shut if desired, flip upside down so that the figurine inside will be upright.

Hot Chocolate gift jar

Materials: Mason Jar, Hot Cocoa Mix, Toppings as desired such as Chocolate chips, Marshmallows, Crushed Peppermint, etc.


  1. Fill Jar with Hot Cocoa mix and toppings as desired.


Ball ornaments

Materials: Ornament Balls (white or clear),  Clear drying glue,  Glitter, Paint, Paint brush

Steps for Clear Glitter Ornament:

  1. Open and coat inside of ornament with glue
  2. Sprinkle in glitter
  3. Shake and dump out extra glitter and glue
  4. Let dry

Steps for White Painted Ornaments:

  1. Paint outside
  2. Let dry

Popsicle Stick Ornaments


Materials: Popsicle Sticks, Hot glue, Spray paint or crayons for color


  1. Make base by laying down four sticks in a row
  2. Place two cut pieces on back using hot glue to hold base together
  3. Place two full sized sticks sideways to represent runners glue to the two cut pieces
  4. Turn over and attach single stick to represent steering bar
  5. Let dry and decorate as desired



Materials: Popsicle sticks, Hot glue, Spray paint or crayons as desired


  1. Form snow flake by hot gluing popsicle sticks in different directions
  2. Let dry and decorate as desired