The End of an Era

This year Riverbends class of 2017 will be one for the history books. The 2017 class is not only one of Riverbend highest scoring academics class of 2017, but this will be the last graduation year of kids born in the 1990’s. Kids of the 90’s include all babies from 1990 to 1999. The 90’s babies are almost considered the classic generation. In the 90’s, kids grew up without cell phones. We entertained ourselves by playing outside and hanging out with friends rather than kids these days who just sit and inside and play video games all day. Some kids are getting brand new Iphone 7’s at incredibly young ages, which is not completely a bad thing, but it is changing the meaning of playing and being a kid.
Other than phones and games, some of the best tv shows and movies came out in the 90’s and early 2000’s, Spongebob being of course the best children’s TV show of all time. Many others like Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Rugrats, Friends, and Full house, which brought entertainment to kids for years. The days of hopscotch and riding bikes to your friends house is slowly going away and will continue to as time goes on and technology advances .Who knows what the future will bring to kids of a new era.