Classroom Rearrangement


Over summer break, Riverbend High School has made some pretty big changes. The teachers who have taught in the same classrooms for years have now been relocated to classrooms all over the building. Not only were the teachers and rooms rearranged, but the homerooms were now arranged in alphabetical order for the entire school ot just by the same grade.
Mrs. Fallon, a math teacher at Riverbend, discussed some of the benefits of the move. She said, “I was very excited to be around the other math teachers.” She also said, “It has been a lot more quiet being away from the main stairwell.” Mrs. Fallon continues, “No one is moving desks and tables above us.” When asked about one of the bad things about the move was, she laughed and said “Being farther away from the bathroom.”
Mr. Lutterbie, Riverbend’s assistant principal commented, stating that some of the main reasons to spread out the classes were because that the classrooms, “tend to have clumps in them [and now all of] the teaching departments are together.” The main benefit of the movement is, “that all of the teachers in the same department are closer to each other so they can interact easier and feel more unified.”
With all of these big changes Riverbend has made, it will take a great deal of time to get used to, but like always, we as a student body will get through it. Mrs. Fallon stated, “Change gives us a new perspective and outlook on a lot of things in life.”