Chapstick (Op-Ed)

Chapstick is undoubtedly one of the world’s most important inventions created in Lynchburg, Virginia during the 1880’s by Dr. Charles Browne Fleet. Not only does Chapstick keep lips from becoming chapped, but it also can be stylish and beneficial to health. Chapstick is one of thousands of brands of lip balm sold nationwide, currently cashing in 26 million dollars yearly in the United States alone despite it’s unsuccessful beginning in local stores during its first years of production. There are many types of lip balms produced by Chapstick ensuring there is one for everyone. These types include: classic, medicinal, and seasonal flavors that are sold at various times throughout the year.
Over time, the Chapstick brand has evolved and developed new types, styles, and flavors. Starting out with the original Chapstick, “Classic,” this type comes in a few flavors including original, cherry, strawberry, and spearmint. Each of these formulas includes Chapstick’s signature element, skin protectant. This type of Chapstick is contained in the usual tube with a plain label with the indicator color to show the flavor. The skin care element that is in the formula is my favorite part of the product, because the healing serum truly works to repair and heal damaged lips. In addition, the medicinal balms produced are said to help extra chapped and heavily damaged lips. The lip balm uses camphor, cooling menthol, and phenol to relieve pain, soothe, hydrate, and even heal lips. These can be found in tube form, but also are sold in small tubs or canisters of different colors for style.
Seasonal flavors, most distinctly separated by seasons, come out once a year and possibly continued to be sold depending on the sales of the product. The two most productive seasons are Summer and Fall, and depending on the season, fruity or warm flavors are released. Summer flavors include; Sweet Watermelon, (my favorite) Peaches and Cream, Pink Lemonade, Key Lime, Mango Sunrise, and Aloha Coconut. Whereas Winter’s include; Holiday Cocoa (my favorite), Holiday Creme, Holiday Cinnamon, Sugar Cookie, Candy Cane, and Pumpkin Pie. Sometimes during the season, a collection is produced of two or three flavors that are sold together, these are usually the most popular flavors of the season.
In the future, there are many improvements to the brand that can be made such as packaging, types of balm, and flavors. As for packaging, I believe that the labels could be either one solid color like the Classic in the flavor, Original, or maybe have a pattern to make the tube fancier. The tubs and canisters are more decorative, but the downside is that you usually have to use your fingers to apply the product. In the range of products that Chapstick produces, their products are extremely varied and there is something for everyone. In more recent years, lipsticks and shimmery balms have been popular with the company, while continuing the Classic, Men’s, and Medicinal styles, along with others. Chapstick continues to do a great job with providing flavor, style, and a type of balm that fits the need for each person.