New Things from Apple

Apple has been the creators of many products. They have made iPhones, iPods, iPads, Macs, TVs, and Apple Watches. On September 9, 2015, Apple announced new products during a special Apple event.

Apple announced the newest edition to the iPad family, called the iPad Pro, which will be available in November. The starting price is $799 for the new IPad. The IPad Pro’s screen is 12.9 inches and will be largest screen compared to the older models. The IPad Pro will be available in silver, gold, and space gray. New accessories were revealed that are only compatible with the new IPad Pro and will come out on the same date. An external keyboard, called Smart Keyboard, connects to the IPad Pro using a magnet. When the Smart Keyboard is connected to the IPad, the on screen keyboard will not appear. It will be available for $169.

Another new accessory is the Apple Pencil. Unlike a regular stylus, the IPad Pro knows whether or not the user is using an Apple Pencil or their finger. The Apple Pencil has been designed for drawing, designing, and note taking. Adding different amounts of pressure changes the line weight when using the pencil. Whenever the user needs to charge their Apple Pencil they can plug it into the bottom of their IPad. The price will be $99.

New Apple TV has a redesigned remote that has a glass touch screen with Siri included. On the New Apple TV, Siri can do many different things. For example, it can search for shows by genre, actor, or name. It can fast forward and rewind shows, and it can also show sport stats and show information without having to pause the show. The App Store on the New Apple TV includes many games. Crossy Road, a popular app, has a new multiplayer mode only available on New Apple TV.  The starting price is $149

This year, Apple has released the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus on September 25. They are each available in silver, gold, space gray, and rose gold. Prices start at $649 for the 6s and at $749 for the 6s Plus. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus feature a new way to interact with apps called 3D touch. 3D touch allows users to do different commands depending on the pressure of their finger. One of the things that 3D touch can do is let users preview an email before reading it. 3D touch will be compatible with many apps, including camera, maps, mail, and Instagram.

On September 16, Apple released IOS 9 for IPhones, IPads, and IPods. Updated IPads can see and use two apps at once. Passwords on lock screens can now use 6 digit codes for increased security. The search section on IOS devices now shows suggested apps, contacts, and local news. Although there are many new features, the update has a few bugs. “I updated to IOS 9, and I hate it,” said junior Jillian Smith, “The messaging messes up all the time. It takes a while for messages to open, and it’ll say someone texted me something when it wasn’t them and was [sent by] someone else.” Over 150 new emojis were added on Wednesday, October 21. The new emojis include a unicorn, a nerd face, a money face, a lion, cheese, a taco, almost every country flag, and more.

Some students are excited to go out and buy the latest Apple device. “I would really want an [IPhone] 6s, but I won’t because I don’t feel like paying for one,” said Smith who currently has an IPhone 5s. Others are fine with the products they currently have. “I don’t really need a new iPhone or iPad,” said iPhone 5c owner, junior Caitlin Hull. Every year Apple continues making new products hoping to rise above other competitors.